The main factor determining the shape of a new home and its appearance is architectural planning. This planning is required to meet the requirements and limitations of the law, and to provide a quality, economical, stable and strong home adapted to the budget and the conditions of the area and the climate in the residential area. Moreover, it must provide tenants with a house that meets their various needs in an efficient and convenient manner, and whose vision meets their vision and style. As a result, there is great importance to the right choice of an experienced and professional architect, specializing in planning villas and private homes.

Choosing an architect for villas and private homes

It is very important that the architect’s choice be made in an intelligent and responsible manner, out of an understanding of his role and the professional requirements expected of him. For this purpose, experienced, recognized and recommended professionals who have been given a number of positive opinions should be examined. With these professionals, a preliminary meeting is to be held, in which the architect’s portfolio can be examined and whether his style of work is parallel to the personal taste of the service seekers. Also, make sure that there is good communication with the architect, as it is required for a long and complex work period. Afterwards, it is also advisable to go to see houses that the architect has constructed and thus to examine closely and materially his work. In addition, it is important to select an available professional whose presence will be felt throughout the construction stages, and should be linked to the planning and building committees in the requested local authority, and aware of the various requirements of its regulations.

The work of the architect

The work of the architect of private homes consists of the creation of an architectural plan in a precise and detailed manner, in cooperation and consultation with the engineers and building contractors and interior designers. The program will be presented by 3D drawings and simulations to the customer for final approval. After arriving at the final version, the architect will prepare the Garmuschka plan for planning and building committees for the purpose of approval and building permits. It should be noted that from the moment the work began, the execution contractor is required to implement all the requirements of the architectural plan.

The importance of execution contractor for the implementation of architectural plans

The execution contractor is actually the practical arm of the architectural plan, which is required to be implemented in a precise and qualitative manner. As a result, it is extremely important to choose an experienced and reliable contractor who is committed to working meticulously according to the architect’s plans. In other words, a contractor who understands in depth the architectural and engineering requirements, and knows how to apply them in the field to the best possible extent.

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