Kanfei Nesharim 1 Hertzeliya The future will be two country style villas 500 square meters plot, 350 square meters each

Work Type

Another initiative of our society in cooperation with an external investor.

Another project in which Adar Projects identifies future potential for the improvement of real estate property and thus locates a transaction in a desired and developing area where it is very difficult to find such an asset.

In addition to locating the desired land, our company will provide a key contractor for all the projects in the project from the planning stage,

Project Description

After the sale of a new house in the same process as the current project, we were asked by another investor to locate a similar transaction in order to carry out the same process of locating a “off-market” property that includes the planning, management, coordination and supervision of all the works to obtain a completed project for sale.

On the current land is an old house to be demolished in the near future will be demolished and replaced by two country-style villas.

Kanfei Nesharim 1 Hertzeliya
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