Ha’Congress Ha’Tzioni 28 Hertzeliya Pituach

450 m2 Lot, 350m2 House

Type of Work

Ha’Congress Ha’Tzioni 28 Hertzeliya Pituach project is a successfully completed state of the art construction job done by Adar Project’s initiative. The project began by locating a prime location in the luxurious neighborhood of Herzliya Pituach, demolition of the old construction which was on the lot, Construction of new foundations from the begining and completion of the project by executing all the fine finishes.

All of the tasks in this project, from the planing and design stages all the way to the final completion of the finishing works, are carried out under the close supervision of Adar Projects, which includes the management, coordination, supervision and execution of all the parties involved in the work.

Project Description 

As part of our company’s activity, we are engaged in locating great real estate investment opportunities for investors.

In this project, we have located for our investor a land that is not “available for the market” with great ROI potential.

In Addition to the aquistion of the land, the investor benefits of complete guidance and proffesional help in recruitment of the best professionals available in the field. This stage is accomplished in full synchronization in front of the authorities in order to push forward the long and tedious construction process. All that being arranged we dont forget to make sure it is combined with adherence to the timelines and budgets which were planned for the project.

Once all the planning stages are completed, the investor receives an exclusive key contractor service that saves him a great deal of time in researching, liaisoning and coordinating with the best professionals in the various fields involved with construction process.

The company’s extensive experience of being involved in a variety of similar projects in the Herzliya Pituach area is an essential advantage in the process of choosing the ideal professionals who will give their share and contribute to optimize and maximize the final result aiming to exceced the investor’s expectations.

Ha’Congress Ha’Tzioni 28 Hertzeliya Pituach
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