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Adar Projects Luxury Building  – Avi Adar registered contractor No. 25399) specializes in villas, luxury homes and renovations consist of the highest quality. After more than 20 years of practice, collaborations with leading Israeli Adricilim and reliable professional team with extensive experience and we will be happy to respond to you, any dream or goal you want to achieve in the construction sector in Israel.

Cornerstones of our work
Reliability and integrity – keeping customer interest for the success of the project alongside the availability, reliability and professional integrity
Quality – construction and most service-level height.
Professional team – “a winning team” the best of the best professionals in the construction field in Israel.
Satisfaction – Dozens of satisfied customers, provided and recommended

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Our Various Services In The Highest Quality
Before getting into constructions of a villa or private home some fundamental steps that make the measurement surface - is carried out by a qualified surveyor revaluation professionally and accurately measuring map, which marks the boundaries of the area. Architectural design - it is a detailed and comprehensive planning in accordance with the wishes of the owners, existing budget, legal requirements and field data. At the end Grmoskh plans will be prepared for planning and construction committee and local authorities. Building permit - granted by the planning committees of local authorities based on programs Grmoskh signed by Engineer, Civil Defense and architect. In addition, the authorities have to pay sewage fees and levies.
Frame and Infrastructure
After obtaining building permits to start construction work on the skeleton, consists of several stages: • earthworks and surface preparation - including removal and grading, excavation, preparation of infrastructure construction and site fencing and signage. • Casting Basics - includes concrete casting, casting piles and piles, and if necessary, casting a basement. • Construction of frame - including the construction of walls, columns, ceiling, roof, developers, safe, terraces and distribution facilities. • Preparation of infrastructure - are performed in the skeleton and include, inter alia, electrical systems, drainage, plumbing, communications, security, fire protection, air gas, and smart home system.
After the skeleton and testing it can move to the finishing works are performed by different professionals in parallel or in stages. The works include plaster and paint, plaster work, waterproofing, flooring and internal and external cladding, aluminum works and carpentry. In addition, they include windows and doors, sanitary ware and kitchen.
Land Development

Development area of the house is one of the final steps in the construction process, the majority is also performed by the contractor completed. This phase includes the evacuation of infrastructure, buildings and waste from the construction site, and then development work including construction of walkways, terraces, parking, fencing and pallets. Also performed bringing the land, installation of irrigation systems, landscaping plants and any specific additional element is designed in the yard.

Home Interior & Occupancy

The final phase of construction work consists of a thorough cleaning of the house, final design, without the intervention of the external perimeter of the building. These works consist mainly home furnishings and accessory appliances, curtains, carpets, pictures and ornaments, after which the house is ready for occupancy.


We have used Adar Projects for two projects
First a renovation of an apartment in Netanya approximately five years ago and more recently in the last year in a complete reconstruction of our villa in Herzliya .
They were involved in every aspect from design,planning and construction.
At each stage they were completely professional.
Although our villa was completed in February this year they are always willing and able to deal any minor issues which may arise. Thankfully they have been very few.
Working together with Avi and his team was like a happy partnership which is very unusual when dealing with any form of construction
We would happily recommend Adar Projects and know anyone using them could do so in complete confidence
Shirley and Oliver Kenley
Hi Avi. Just to say thank you for all your work and help in the apartment. As always you have done a great job. We really rely on you and think of you as a good friend. Thanks again. Best regards  Geoff

We are delighted to highly recommend the services of Adar Projects. Avi and his company undertook an extensive renovation of our apartment. The work was carried out to budget and on time. The work was of a very high standard and we are extremely pleased with the result. More importantly and contrary to the norm, the whole project was enjoyable and hassle free. This was due in no small part to Avi and to the wonderful designer with whom we worked, Esther Yekutieli. Avi is a pleasure to deal with, straightforward, honest, and extremely capable. Whenever any unforeseen problems arose during the construction, he was always at hand to discuss it with Esther and ourselves and to put forward a sensible and cost effective solution. It has been over 2 years since the work was completed and Avi still makes himself available to deal with any repairs that we need to carry out. That is a testament to his professionalism and his concern to ensure that his customers are happy.

My father and his team broke us all stigmas about remodeling !!! He was on schedule without any deviation. Prices on additions were also fair and reasonable renovation content was increased while the renovation it was all done in good spirit, assistance and good advice that saved us money and hassle The result - great!

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